CARGO SYSTEM is the umbrella name for the services of associated companies CARGO PRAGUE, CARGO IHL and XCARGO. All services and activities of the individual companies are complementary and allow the provision of comprehensive services to customers.


Is the oldest and also founding member of the CARGO SYSTEM group. The history of CARGO PRAGUE dates back to 1995, and it has thus been a reliable road freight partner for numerous companies for 24 years.

Member of the CARGO SYSTEM group which has provided professional sea freight services incl. the storage and customs clearance of shipments for 24 years.

The youngest member of the CARGO SYSTEM group, it has provided shipping services in Slovakia since 2014. XCARGO is fully owned by CARGO PRAGUE.

History of the group

opening of the establishment in Prešov

establishment in Ostrava moved to new offices

opening of the establishment in Prievidza

opening of the establishment in Zvolen

formation of XCARGO, Bratislava

increase in the number of company’s staff

expansion of the collection services system

ISO 9001 recertification

renovation of the warehouse in Hořovice

ISO 9001 recertification

launch of the information system operations with interconnection of all establishments

quality of services verified by ISO 9001:2000 certification

opening of the branch in Ostrava

opening of the warehouse in Hořovice

opening of the branch in Plzeň

formation of CARGO IHL

formation of CARGO PRAGUE


We build mutual trust. Long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees can only work well when based on mutual trust.

Customers and Suppliers

  • We meet the obligations agreed with customers and suppliers in a due and timely manner
  • Our activities are transparent and based on truthful information about our services and capabilities
  • We adhere to economic competition rules
  • We fight corruption, we never offer or accept any benefits for decisions made or to be made


  • We support the professional know-how and skills of our employees and we contribute to the ongoing improvement in their qualifications
  • We provide remuneration to our employees based on transparent rules
  • We take care of health and safety at work
  • We ensure good working conditions
  • We support individual involvement and accountability
  • We inform our employees about company activities and achieved results


  • We respect and support human rights
  • We provide equal opportunities and we reject any discrimination based on gender, race or religion
  • We take pride in our reputation and adherence to ethical standards
  • Our activities are socially responsible

Environmental Protection

  • We give preference to the use of low-emission vehicles
  • We do not print when it is not necessary, we recycle print cartridges
  • We have installed energy saving lighting
  • We sort waste and recycle
  • We save water


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Cargo IHL
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